KRIPTON MARINE DIVISION has specific know-how, which we use to take care of your boat or ship, the re-upholstery of the interior using nautical wrap film on the existing interior elements, or completely new joinery with damp-proof materials and noble wood types. Newly constructed tables, lighting etc., we make the boat to your specifications.

Wrapping the outsides of your boat or ship: mono-colour with weatherproof 3M film or printed films for which we create the design together. Whether it is a yacht or sports boat, it makes no difference to us! Your desires are fully realised.

Mounting wakeboard towers. We work together with various different manufacturers, but we suggest the most optimal tower for each specific model and size of boat, naturally entirely within your budget.

The re-upholstery and renewal of boat cushions: we work together with super-creative PTSY, Pleased To Seat You, that gives your boat a contemporary makeover by re-upholstering your cushions, inside and outside, using the patented Sunbtrella and Tempotest technologies.

BUT ALSO: under the pretext of ‘it does not always have to be golf…’: do you as a customer of Kripton want to go sailing for a day on the Kripton III, past picturesque Flemish waterways, ultimately calm moments alternating with the sweet sound of popping champagne corks… aah, there is something special about being a customer of Kripton… well, one phone call is enough and we will cast off the ropes… And should you not think about it yourself… be sure we will invite you in due time!

OR would you rather go water skiing or wakeboarding on board the Kripton Blue on the Lac de l’Eau D’Heure? We would like to invite you, as a customer of Kripton, for a day of water fun (with or without the kids).

And do you know what is really awesome: if you have your own sailing licence (a real one, like that, you know, and you can effectively sail…), then you simply collect the keys, and sail off yourself… Fill up with Super 98, and off you go!

KRIPTON Marine Division creates well-being…

Surely you have a boat, a small boat, a ship or a yacht to enjoy it optimally every second, so that boat must be in perfect condition. Mechanically, technically, but also aesthetically. Anything that is annoying about your ship, will at the same time be extremely annoying. And think of everything that you have really wanted to change for ages; well now, we can do that for you.

Giving calm consideration together about how, what and when. Then we select colours, prints, materials, fabrics and similar, and after the first detailed specifications we start working on it. And by the time the next sailing season comes round, your floating pride has become even more beautiful and far more a part of your time of relaxation.

Simple interventions soon make a world of difference. just take a look at the photos ‘before’ and ‘after’… and er… just cast off the ropes!

Kripton Marine already wishes you a safe voyage!